Maestro GPS receiver

The A2135-H (flash) and A2235-H (ROM) are Maestro Wireless Solutions
answers to the most critical challenges in the GPS market: simplified integration,
leading performance, and efficient time to market. The combination of the
enhanced fully functional SiRFStar IV GPS engine and a custom-designed
high directional patch antenna on board help to ease engineers integration
effort of leading GPS technology into devices. The A2135-H and A2235-H
fully address the demand for extreme low power operation and ultra-fast
Time-To-First-Fix. Their high level of sensitivity allows for use in the most
demanding environmental conditions.


General features

    Positioning Receiver Portfolio
    With the mission to support our customers in implementing GNSS functionality into their systems, Maestro
    Wireless Solutions is offering a distinct product portfolio to address a wide area of applications. These range
    from traditional telematics solutions to latest highly integrated consumer devices, all of them having their
    special requirements towards a GNSS module. Based on SiRFstarIII and now also SiRFstarIV chip sets,Maestro
    Wireless Solutions GNSS module solutions address different specific needs and combine high performance, low
    power consumption, and simplified integration effort. Our modules comply with the RoHS standard and are 100%
    electrically and functionally tested prior to packaging, thereby assuring the guarantee of the highest quality products.