The LSR Sterling-LWB Module is available in three different versions. Depending on the user’s antenna and
footprint needs, there is a variant to suite most application requirements. LSR recommends that for simplicity of
both the host PCB design, as well as the manufacturing process, that either the Chip Antenna or RF Connector
version of the modules be used in your design.


General features

    IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (single stream n)
    Typical WLAN Transmit Power:
    o +17.5 dBm, 11 Mbps, CCK (b)
    o +14.0 dBm, 54 Mbps, OFDM (g)
    o +12.5 dBm, HT20 MCS7 (n)
    Typical WLAN Sensitivity:
    o -88 dBm, 8% PER,11 Mbps (b)
    o -75 dBm, 10% PER, 54 Mbps (g)
    o -72 dBm, 10% PER, MCS7 (n)
    Bluetooth v4.2 BR /DR/LE
    WLAN and Bluetooth coexistence
    Available in two footprint styles:
    o Easy to Integrate: 15.5 mm x 21 mm
    o Miniature footprint: 10 mm x 10 mm
    Available with integrated chip antenna or 
    U.FL connector for external antenna
    Operating voltage: 3.0V to 3.6V
    Operating temperature: -40
    to +85
    Storage temperature: -40° to +125°C
    Compact design based on Broadcom
    BCM4343W SoC
    Worldwide acceptance: FCC (USA), IC
    (Canada), ETSI (Europe), Giteki (Japan), and
    RCM (AU/NZ)
    BT SIG QDID: 85005
    REACH and RoHS compliant
    Security & Building Automation
    Internet of Things / M2M Connectivity
    Smart Gateways
    The Sterling-LWB is a high performance 2.4 GHz
    WLAN and Bluetooth combo module based on
    latest-generation silicon (Broadcom’s BCM4343W).
    With an industrial temperature rating, broad
    country certifications, and the availability of three
    different package styles, the Sterling-LWB provides
    significant flexibility to meet various end user
    application needs.
    The on-module chip antenna package style for the
    Sterling-LWB eliminates complexity for design
    integration, simplifies manufacturing assembly with
    larger pin outs, and features an advanced chip
    antenna that offers greater resistance to de-tuning
    than typical trace or chip antennas.
    The module includes the MAC, Baseband and Radio
    to support WLAN applications and an independent,
    high-speed UART is provided for the Bluetooth host
    interface. In addition, the latest Linux and Android
    drivers are supported directly by LSR and
    Need to get to market quickly? Not an expert in
    802.11. Need a custom antenna? Would you like to
    own the design? Would you like a custom design?
    Not quite sure what you need? Do you need help
    with your host board? LSR Design Services will be
    happy to develop custom hardware or software, or 
    assist with integrating the design. Contact us at
    sales@lsr.com or call us at 262-375-4400