Insight Sip


This highly miniaturized LGA module,9x 16x1.9 mm,is
based on the DW1000 UWB transceiver and nRF52832 BLE
chip.Using a simple user interface via the SPI connection
and integrating a Cortex TM M4 CPU,flash and RAM memory
combined with optimized antennas,ISP1510 offers the
perfect stand-alone ranging module solution for security
bubble applications,For longer range applications,ISP1510
can be used in conjunction with an external UWB antenna.
Alternatively,it can also be connected to an external MCU.


General features

    Key Features
    IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB compliant
    Single Mode BLE 5 Ready
    NFC-A Tag for OOB pairing
    Spatial resolution better than 10 cm
    Fully integrated UWB&BLE matching
    and Antennas
    Integrated UWB 38.4 MHz and BLE 32 MHz
    &32.768 kHz Clocks
    DC/DC converters
    UWB section based on DecaWave DW1000
    BLE section based on Nordic Seml nRF52
    Externally Controlled or using embedded
    32-bit ARM Cortex M4 CPU
    512 kB Flash and 64 kB SRAM
    Analog and Digital peripherals
    SPl interface
    Supply Voltage 2.8V to 3.6V
    Very small size 9.0x 16.0x 1.9mm
    Temperature 40 to+85C
     Ultra-small size 9.0 x 16.0x1.9 mm